Corporate Profile

Kalera is a leading vertical farming company. We utilize proprietary technology and plant and seed science to sustainably grow local, delicious, nutrient-rich, pesticide-free, non-GMO leafy greens year-round. In contrast to produce that requires costly and extended long-haul supply chains, our leafy greens are delivered within hours of harvesting, always fresh, and maintain a longer shelf life. Our high-yield, automated, data-driven hydroponic production facilities have been designed for rapid roll-out with attractive unit economics to grow leafy greens faster, cleaner and in a manner that is better for the environment than traditional farming. Given our cost-efficient production process from seed to harvest and capital discipline, we are able to sell our “better than organic” produce at competitive prices. With our mission to serve humanity, wherever we are, fresh, safe, sustainable and affordable nourishment, we aim to become a global leader in controlled-environment agriculture (“CEA”) for leafy greens addressing an estimated $50 billion addressable market opportunity for vertical farming products.

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