Jim Leighton, MBA
President & Chief Executive Officer
Jim Leighton Photo

Over 20 years of leadership in consumer-packaged goods and food industries.

BA in Business Administration and Industrial Relations, MBA

Austin Martin, MBA
Chief Operating Officer
Austin Martin Photo
Over 15 years of experience managing supply chains, marketing, operations & BI in food processing, retail, and oil & gas.

BA Business Admin & German and MBA
Fernando Cornejo, MBA
Chief Financial Officer
Fernando Cornejo Photo

Over 20 years of finance and capital markets experience leading global finance operations and business development

BS Industrial Engineering and MBA

Dr. Henner Schwarz
Chief Commercial Officer
Dr. Henner Schwarz Photo
Over 20 years of experience in management consulting and scaling businesses of retail and e-commerce brands.

PHd in Law and MBA
Cristian Toma, PHD
Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer
Cristian Toma Photo
Over 30 years of experience in start-ups, technology development and R&D management

PhD in Electronics Engineering and PDEng Degree in SW Technology
Keri Gasiorowski
Chief Human Resource Officer
Keri Gasiorowski Photo

Over 15 years experience serving high growth industries such as technology, manufacturing, and engineering as a human resources leader. 

Masters Degree in HR Management

Jade Stinson, PHD, MBA
Co-Founder and President at Vindara Inc.
Jade Stinson Photo
Over 15 years of experience in bio science, transformational technologies and data driven agriculture.

PhD in Chemistry and MBA
Aric D. Nissen, MBA
Chief Marketing Officer
Aric Nissen Photo

Over 20 years experience in the food industry-leading sales, marketing, branding, and product innovation teams.

BA Political Science and MBA